From my Bungalow in Houston

Bungalow Bites is a long time coming and I am so happy it is finally here! For years, I have been saying, “I sure would love to start a food blog.” And today I decided to stop letting the years creep by and letting my dreams slip away. If you are reading this first, humble blog, welcome! I sure am glad that you are here! I intend for this blog to be a place of connection, since all great connections, I believe, happen around food.

I live in a small bungalow right in the heart of Houston, Texas. Houston is crossroads of many sorts. It overlaps many culinary traditions which makes for a truly diverse flavor pallet. Southern and Soul food tradition, Cajun and Creole, Tex-Mex, Southwestern and Mexican flavors overlap in the geographicly in Houston. Houston is an international city, where it seems like, everyone is from somewhere else. Flavors from all over the world can easily be found here. This diversity makes the food culture in Houston, truly rich.

With this blog I will try to showcase this richness, with some methods more traditional than others. In my lifelong journey to a healthier lifestyle, I lighten dishes up where I can. I am so grateful that you are here with me on this journey, so here’s a virtual toast to you!


Kathryn Lorenzo


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  1. Scarlett Russell says:

    I’m so glad it’s here too! Houston is a diverse culinary delight – I’m excited to see what you put up here!

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