Freezer Prep for People who Hate Eating Leftovers from the Freezer

Despite my best intentions, I’ll never be the type of person who likes eating leftovers from the freezer. Although I’ve tried, any fully prepared meals that end up in the freezer, ultimately end up in the trash. Over the years I’ve found a better way to utilize my freezer in meal prepping that better suits my family, and I’m here to pass on those tips to you.

  1. Freezing sauce starters. I usually make a big batch of onion, garlic, ginger paste for Indian-inspired food. I freeze the puree into ice cube trays, and when I need to whip up a quick batch of channa masala (or any other curry) I just take out what I need, and I make dinner come together much quicker.
  2. Freezing soy milk and wine. I don;t drink alcohol so buying a whole bottle of wine just to use a little bit, is incredibly wasteful. I have found that it actually freezes pretty well. I never gets super hard but once frozen in an ice cube tray, it holds it shape well enough that you can pop them right out and place in a plastic bag. Soy milk is another beverage I like to freeze. I don’t always keep unsweetened soy milk fresh in the house, so by freezing some in an ice cube tray, I always have some to quickly toss into a recipie that needs a bit of milk. I found that soy milk is one of the most creamy of all the plant milks and cooks really well.
  3. Freezing ground tempeh. Tempeh, when pulsed down in a food processor has an amazing ability to replicate the texture of ground beef in certain recipes. Particularly in pasta sauces and chilies. Even if I’m using a jar of pasta sauce from the store, it’s super easy just to doctor up the sauce with some herbs and spices and a little ground tempeh. I usually buy a bunch of tempeh at once, get out my food processor and pulse it into a ground beef-like texture. Then I divide them into recipe size portions and pop them in the freezer, Then when I need to make a small batch of chili, all the hard work of grinding the tempeh is already done.
  4. Making a big batch or fruit crisp topping and keeping it in the fridge. So this technically doesn’t need to go in the freezer but absolutely can if you want to. I find, that buy keeping the crisp already made up, I can throw together any kind of fruit crisp using any frozen or fresh fruit I have lying around in no time. My last desert was blueberry crisp using frozen blueberries, YUM!

To all my foodie friends who also hate to eat freezer meals, I’m here for you. Cheers

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